Christmas walk-around Clock

Children, stand in the circle. Christmas walk-around time is coming. Let's sing and dance joining our hands. Santa Claus is preparing bags of presents, we are waiting for him and for our friends to have fun together. And fluffy snowflakes be our

Lux  v.5 72

Lux is an awesome game of strategy and domination. Based on the time tested gameplay of the board game Risk, Lux adds everything you could ask for in a computer version. Easy Network Play: Joining an online game is as easy as 2 clicks.


TurboMule  v.3 8

TurboMule is joining the world of file-sharing bringing state-of-the-art technology to the P2P game.

WinVROC  v.2 1

WinVROC provides a native Windows client interface for VROC. It is a feature-rich facility for hosting and joining races on VROC. WinVROC runs on your Windows machine like any other Windows program.

FaxTool  v.0.20

FaxTool is a simple freeware utility for splitting and joining (merging) TIFF and PDF files. Simply drag your files onto the interface to split or join.It is a single EXE,

EXEcutor Free  v.1.0

EXEcutor is a file joiner program. It can help you join your files fast and easy.EXEcutor Features: 1. Easy file joining 2. Execute file at windows startup 3. Compatible with Windows

File Split & Merge Tool  v.1.0

A small tool for splitting and joining files. File Split & Merge Tool is used to split large files into smaller chunks of your choice and merge them back into single file.

Microsoft Communicator Attendee  v.2010 7406.0 Beta

Microsoft Communicator Attendee is a meeting software that facilitates joining Communications Server hosted meetings. Facilitates joining Communications Server hosted meetings.Join Meetings This applications allows users to join Communications Server

TreeFit  v.1.0

Software for evaluating how well a UPGMA or neighbor-joining tree fits a matrix of genetic distances Genetic data analysis made easy.Evolutionary trees are frequently used to describe genetic relationships between populations. Hierarchical,

Phylo_win  v.2.0

Molecular phylogenetic inference made easy. Phylo_win is a graphical colour interface for molecular phylogenetic inference. It performs neighbor-joining, parsimony and maximum likelihood methods and bootstrap with any of them.

ProfDistS  v.0.9.9

ProfDistS analyze RNA secondary structures. Profile Neighbor Joining (PNJ) as implemented in ProfDist is computationally efficient in reconstructing very large trees.

VobEdit  v.0.6

VobEdit is a small, simple but strong tool for joining, cutting and demultiplexing DVD VOB files. VobEdit is also very easy to use, very small (only 88 kb size) and it does not even require any installation. If you ever need a utility application to

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